Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sometimes all you Need is a Little Bit of Flute Energy

Cape May is filled with plenty of historical richness and that includes spirit energy. Although I was unaware at the time, I was being directed in advance by intuition, to prepare for a particular experience during our trip to Cape May. The higher self, Angels, Guides, the Universe? Not sure as I am relatively new to this. But the result of the guidance has definitely encouraged me to pay closer attention to the messages that I receive.

Before the trip, in preparation in our own way, friend Sylvia said, "ask who/what wants to come." Usually speaking of rocks, crystals or some other personal object. So honoring my Reiki Master of course, one night early in the week, I asked, "Who wants to come to Cape May?" What I received was, "Bring the flute."

To give you a little background, I had purchased a Native American flute at a Pow Wow that is held locally every year. Having learned a few years ago that I had a Native American great-grandmother and recently developing a strong draw to traditional instruments of various cultures, I decided that this particular flute needed to come home with me. Sometimes they choose you. I would play my flute often and loved every minute of it. I have no training in playing but the simple wooden flute was perfect for just relaxing and allowing the notes to just flow as guided.

This flute was not inexpensive, and I said to the guidance, "I am not bringing that flute. It was expensive, I'm not going to have any reason to play it, and I don't want to deal with traveling with it and worrying about it." That was that. The guidance simply replied, "Bring the flute."

All through the week I would receive messages, mostly before bed, to bring the flute. I would mentally reply that I, in fact, had no intention of bringing the flute so stop asking. The messages were not actual voices. More like just nagging thoughts that would pop into my mind. As if you had to remember a birthday and a "'voice" would keep reminding you to get that person a card. Anyone who knows me, knows I almost never send a birthday card on time to so this tactic rarely works. Again, I brushed the message aside.

The day of the trip finally arrived and I was fully packed with all my necessities and ready to hit the road. The voice in my head said, "Don't forget to pack the flute."

ARRRGGHHHHHH! Fine! Fine!!!! I will pack the flute.

I had recently heard that sometimes when the Universe speaks to you, the message can be so absurd that if you listen, follow the instruction, and something actually comes of it, you will know, without a shadow of a doubt, it was divine guidance. And so I brought the flute, just…well…just in case.

We arrived in Cape May and I learned that it was full of spirit activity, which I will tell you, is not my thing. Cape May in general is absolutely lovely and our room was no exception. I unpacked and told Sylvia that I was guided to bring the flute, I had no idea why, but it's here and I'm going to play a couple notes just so I can say that at least I did play it. She is a big supporter of following guidance so she was totally fine with me producing about three notes.

The next evening, we were sitting in our room and Sylvia mentioned she was feeling uneasy about the space above her bed. There was a low hanging, box-like portion of the ceiling with cross grid lines with metal bars like a false ceiling would have. She mentioned that the Feng Shui seemed really off and she felt like the lines were chopping up the energy over her head and it was the perfect place for entities to inhabit. That instantly gave me the creeps but also at that moment, I turned toward my flute. "I still don't know why I brought this." Sylvia perked up and said, "Play the flute at it." Meaning the box in the ceiling. "Maybe it needs some flute energy." I thought, "What could it hurt?" So I picked it up and began to play. I played until it just felt finished. She looked at me and said, "Where did you learn that?" I said, "I just made it up, I really don't even know how to play." She told me it was lovely and that I needed to bring it to my next Reiki attunement and of course I agreed. "I feel better," she said. "It feels better. I think that did it. Thank you."

The next morning Sylvia said she slept fine under the ceiling-box and we packed up and left for a local store that we'd been excited to check out, "The Guardian." Sylvia's a huge fan but I had never been. We walked in and there was cupboard full of hanging pendulums which are something I have a real resonance with. I was standing in front of the case and they were swinging. She walked over to me and said, "You know, you are doing that. They didn't do that for me." So very cool.

As I stood in front of the case, making my choice who was coming with me, Sylvia came over to me with a bag containing two flutes. She simply said, "Read this." I looked at the bag and the writing approximately said, "To correct the imbalance of Feng Shui energy of bisecting ceiling lines, use flute."

I almost passed out I was so blown away. How specific?! How, impossibly, specific?! Sure we felt what we think of as bad Feng Shui but neither of us knew enough about it to know that about the flute. We could not believe it! I have since read that, flutes are supposed to help if a person feels unsafe or insecure. I was told, a week in advance, to bring something that I would need to help my friend feel safe and to clear the energy of the space where she slept. What an amazing gift. Wow.

So as you may expect, now I really pay attention. If I get a nudge, I act. I does take some practice and some faith. It is difficult to start listening to intuition after a lifetime of ignoring it. But I encourage everyone to try it for themselves. Something little and not very scary at first if it suits you. Just see what happens. And if something incredible does happen, tell me the story. Don't worry about sounding crazy. I promise I will believe you.

If you have an interest in purchasing a flute from the same artist, here is the info:
Collectors Kingdom Native American Culture Center
1632 Main Street, Cardiff, MD 21160
Or you can visit the Pow Wow here in State College, PA in the spring.